Cities with the Same Challenge

Many cities on the east coast and around the world are dealing with the same challenges of sea level rise.  While Beaufort and Port Royal’s solutions will need to match our community needs,  we can still learn from what others have done so far.  Some case studies and information is provided below.

  • Wilmington, North Carolina – Wilmington officials identified 54 discreet strategies to assess “potential risks to water and wastewater infrastructure” and identified land use strategies to “reduce exposure” to sea level rise.  A presentation can be viewed here.  They also partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency on a pilot project and the project and outcomes can be viewed here.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Our South Carolina neighbor has addressed issues with beach renourishment, flooding and evacuation in light of sea level rise and the threat of hurricanes and storm surge.  You can see their presentation and summary of city actions here.
  • Norfolk, Virginia – A military town with coastal flooding threats has developed a plan to protect residents, its Navy base and its port.  The plan includes restoring coastal wetlands, developing emergency management systems, building coastal infrastructure, re-capturing natural water ways and communicating with residents.  You can read more here.
  • Miami, Florida – A larger coastal city, Miami has varied threats and opportunities. The city has sponsored a climate change advisory task force and has created recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions city-wide and protect its infrastructure from sea level rise.  You can read the report here.  Miami also wired within the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Coalition and information about how the region is tackling sea level rise can be found here. 
  • New York, New York – Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for New York, New Jersey and all of us.  New York is addressing sea level rise through its comprehensive plan and has ongoing resilience projects across the city.  You can view those projects here.
  • Chesapeake Bay – This video created by the Maryland Sea Grant, takes a look at sea level rise in Maryland and the Cheasapeake Bay and offers what can be done in this particularly vulnerable area.