About the Task Force

Our Mission:  

In light of increasing frequency of tidal flooding along low-lying areas of the municipalities of Beaufort and Port Royal, the Task Force will focus on impacts on public property, critical infrastructure, and the safety and well-being of citizens under different scenarios of storm surge and sea level rise. The Task Force will make recommendations as to how these coastal communities can become more resilient to the inundation threats.

Our Goals:

  1. Provide an information sheet for municipalities that can be shared with council members and interested citizens.
  2. Provide information about “at risk” locations (hot spots) within the two municipalities.
  3. Prepare a list of recommendations of possible actions including infrastructure planning to address current and future impacts of storm surge and future sea level rise.
  4. Provide the press and interested community leaders with educational materials about sea level rise so they can, in turn, encourage continued public discussion about pro-active community responses.
  5. Explore possible sources of funding.